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You can also get details of staff working on specific projects and partnership initiatives:

  • Growing Together (an initiative to help build sustainable income generation for community growing groups).
  • Community Land Advisory Service (CLAS aims to help both landowners and community growers to bring more land into community cultivation). 
  • School Farms Network (The School Farms Network supports and offers assistance to school farms and promotes outdoor learning).


UK & Head Office

Head Office:
The GreenHouse, Hereford Street, Bristol BS3 4NA
Tel: 0117 923 1800
Email: admin@farmgarden.org.uk

Chris Blythe, Director: chris@farmgarden.org.uk

Heidi Seary, Operations Manager: heidi@farmgarden.org.uk

Angie Stratton, Finance Manager: angie@farmgarden.org.uk

TBA, Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator: marketing@farmgarden.org.uk 

Diane Godwin, Membership Development Co-ordinator: diane@farmgarden.org.uk

Rachel Bragg, Development Coordinator: rachel@farmgarden.org.uk

Deborah Evans, Development Coordinator: deborah@farmgarden.org.uk

Carmel Ferguson, SF&G Administrator: admin@farmgarden.org.uk

Abigail Charles, Specialist Administrator: abigail@farmgarden.org.uk




Amber Alferoff, London Project Officer: amber@farmgarden.org.uk or london@farmgarden.org.uk

For the rest of England
Tel: 0117 923 1800; Email: admin@farmgarden.org.uk



Scotland Office, c/o Gorgie City Farm, Edinburgh EH11 2LA

Tel: 0131 623 7058 
Fax: 0131 623 7058 

Louisa Evans, Scotland Development Worker: lou@farmgarden.org.uk

Irina Glinski, Scotland Administrator: scotland@farmgarden.org.uk



South Wales Office

46 Ninian Park Road, Riverside, Cardiff CF11 6JA
Tel: 02920 225942

Gary Mitchell, Joint Wales Manager: gary@farmgarden.org.uk

Nicola Perkins, Join Wales Manager: nicola@farmgarden.org.uk

Kristan Smart, Wales Administrator: wales@farmgarden.org.uk

Lisa Williams, South Wales Development Worker: lisa@farmgarden.org.uk

Tony Little, Community Supported Agriculture Development Worker: tony@farmgarden.org.uk

North Wales office

Tel: 07910498762

Sarah Collick, North Wales Development Worker: sarah@farmgarden.org.uk 

Sara Wynne-Pari, Business & Marketing Advisor, sara@farmgarden.org.uk


Northern Ireland

Patricia Wallace, Northern Ireland Development Coordinator: patricia@farmgarden.org.uk

Miriam Turley, Growing Resilience Project Coordinator: miriam@farmgarden.org.uk 

Martha Campbell, Community Horticulture Worker: martha@farmgarden.org.uk

Tel : 07725699442


Growing Together

This project has now been completed. For general enquiries please contact Heidi Seary via: heidi@farmgarden.org.uk


Community Land Advisory Service

For general enquiries to CLAS Cymru, email: wales@communitylandadvice.org.uk and for CLAS Scotland: scotland@communitylandadvice.org.uk or refer to the CLAS website at www.communitylandadvice.org.uk 


School Farms Network

For general enquiries please contact schoolfarms@farmgarden.org.uk or refer to the School Farms Network website at www.schoolfarms.org.uk


Allotments Enquiries

For general allotments enquiries go to the National Allotment Societyhttps://www.nsalg.org.uk

Tel: 01536 266576. Email: natsoc@nsalg.org.uk

Allotment Mentor Coordinator - Di Appleyard: diane@nsalg.org.uk


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