What is the scale of care farming in the UK?

Social Farms & Gardens have tracked the scale and scope of the care farming sector since 2006. 

Our surveys provide valuable data for care farmers and people in the green care sector. 

Care farming in the UK has grown from less than a hundred care farms to a network of over 400 care farms. Care farms vary in size, context and delivery approach. Together they form a key element of the green care sector. 

The results show big steps forward. As care farming has grown we've been able to move from explaining the concept to promoting quality service provision.

Care farming is making a real difference to people with a defined heath, social care or educational need right across the UK. 

In 2021 there were an estimated 15,620 UK care farming places provided per week, which equates to approximately 734,140 per year.

For further reading and research on care farming in the UK, please view or download our resources or visit our scale of the sector page for survey reports. 

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