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Gardeniser = "Garden Organiser" - A key organisational role within community gardens, farms and growing spaces that requires a unique combination of skills.

Gardeniser is a large, multi-partner European training programme funded by Erasmus+ that aims to recognise and upskill Gardenisers across Europe through a training programme using the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).

There are currently three strands of work:

Gardeniser Pro is a training course that recognises and trains Gardenisers through the awarding of a Gardeniser Licence

Gardeniser Hub is an Erasmus Plus project that is piloting a training for trainers program and license for trainers of Gardeniser Pro as well as a new Gardeniser training for schools and public sector staff. The program will finish in June 2023. 

Gardeniser Plus was an Erasmus Plus project that allowed the exchange of good practice for professionals and volunteers who were developing their skills and wanted to learn good practice in community gardens across Europe from October 2020 to November 2022.

To find out more about the Gardeniser programs and our European partners visit: https://gardeniser.eu/en

Find out more about the training opportunities here:

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This illustration covers some of the key take-aways from our Gardeniser and Learning Bubbles programme


The Gardeniser programme began more than 10 years ago, with visits between community gardens in different countries through the Lifelong Learning - Grundtvig programme. A key issue emerged through these exchanges: community gardeners no longer had time to cultivate plants, because they were too busy cultivating people! 

The project partners named this role the "Gardeniser" and began establishing training to recognise and support Gardenisers all over Europe in their work.

Gardeniser Pro Training Course 

Gardeniser Pro provides a formal qualification that recognises the professional skills required for an organising role within a community garden, farm or growing space.

This course contains ‘everything you need to know about running a community garden apart from the gardening'.

See our events page to find out when the next Gardeniser Pro course is running.

"Amazing course. I learned so much and it exceeded my expectations"

"Just about every aspect of the course was immediately applicable to my work. Discussions with other gardenisers have been great, everyone is really supportive and it’s made a huge difference to listen to and share with people who understand and have new perspectives and ideas, as often my role can be quite isolated."

Find out more about the Gardeniser Pro course and content in this leaflet below, or visit the Gardeniser official website.


How to Apply

  • Visit our events page to choose a Gardeniser course. Click 'apply now' to complete an application. 
  • We will review and notify candidates on a rolling basis, and reserve the right to close applications early if the course is over-subscribed

NOTE: This course is not subsidised and so we need to charge in order to run it, however we do not wish smaller organisations to be excluded on the basis of price. We may be offer a limited number of reduced rate places, so please indicate on your application if you would like to discuss this with us.

Gardeniser Hub

Gardeniser Hub uses the work done in Gardeniser Pro to create a new European ECVET system training program which develops new trainers who can train the Gardeniser course and also develop a new Gardeniser training format aimed at supporting the public sector and primary and secondary schools who have gardens or farms or want to work with community/urban farms and gardens.

The project objectives are to: 
• Develop skilled people to become trainers of Gardeniser to increase the pool of trainers able to deliver this course. 
• Create and deliver new formats of training to support public sector and school sectors who want to work with or create urban/community gardens and farms in their areas or sites.
• Use the Gardeniser EU website (www.gardeniser.eu/en) to connect trainers in Europe, Gardenisers from the public and school sectors and to allow people to find Gardeniser training courses


Gardeniser Plus

Gardeniser Plus aims to bring together professionals and volunteers working in community gardens to share their knowledge through a series of learning activities. Uniting 7 European countries (France, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, Sweden, and Denmark) the project benefits those who wish to develop their skills and learn good practices in community gardens across Europe. The international consortium of partners consists of organisations with experience in the fields of training, urban community gardens and social farms. 

Taking place on 1st October 2020 - 30th November 2022, with 70 people taking part and traveling to the 7 partner countries. This included 14 trainers and 56 Gardenisers, visiting a diverse number of organisations across Europe, whilst developing the skills of Gardenisers and community garden volunteers through local training and learning activities. The program recognises the Gardeniser professional role that’s been developed in recent years through the previous Eu'Go, Gardeniser, Gardeniser Pro and Gardeniser Hub projects.

Gardeniser Newsletter

View the most recent edition of the Gardeniser Hub Newsletter here:


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