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Gardeniser = "Garden Organiser" - A key organisational role within community gardens, farms and growing spaces that requires a unique combination of skills.

Gardeniser is a large, multi-partner European training programme funded by Erasmus+ that aims to recognise and upskill Gardenisers across Europe through a training programme using the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).

There are currently two strands of work

  • Gardeniser Pro is an training course that recognises and trains Gardenisers through the awarding of a Gardeniser Licence
  • Gardeniser Hub is in the development stages and will enhance the Gardeniser Licence with further professional training and development

Find out more about both training opportunities here:

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The Gardeniser programme began more than 10 years ago, with visits between community gardens in different countries through the Lifelong Learning - Grundtvig programme. A key issue emerged through these exchanges: community gardeners no longer had time to cultivate plants, because they were too busy cultivating people! 

The project partners named this role the "Gardeniser" and began establishing training to recognise and support Gardenisers all over Europe in their work.

Gardeniser Pro

Gardeniser Pro provides a formal qualification that recognises the professional skills required for an organising role within a community garden, farm or growing space.
The course costs £199 and is divided into 3 Modules and totals 80 hours of learning - 20 hours of online classroom time, 20 hours of self-guided study and 40 hours of practical internship

The next course is taking place from 1 December 2021 - 16th February 2022 and is now fully subscribed. Further course dates will be announced in due course so please check back!

 Full course details here:


Gardeniser Hub

The Gardeniser Hub programme is currently under development and will enhance the Gardeniser Pro Licence with a new European ECVET system training program that develops new trainers and supports Gardenisers to engage with public sector and primary and secondary school sectors.

  • The Gardeniser Hub training will launch in 2023

Gardeniser Newsletter

View the most recent edition of the Gardeniser Hub Newsletter here!


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