Advice and support

We have more than 40 years' experience leading this sector, and have staff working with member groups on the ground and in communities all over the UK. We provide expert advice and guidance through our training, programmes and projects, our suite of comprehensive resources and through our newsletters.

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Where members require additional support, we are able to offer consultancy at competitive rates through our highly experienced staff, and have assisted many members over the years in this way with funding applications, programme evaluations, planning applications and governance issues - to name a few! 

Contact us if you would like to discuss this further. 

Starting a community garden or farm?

Check out our 12 things to consider when starting a new initiative.

These items form the structure for our comprehensive Community Growing Resource Pack, which is available for free to all SF&G members.

To find out which members are already operating in your local area, search our UK Map.

If you are a member you can view all of our previous webinars, covering a wide range of relevant subjects. 

Starting a care farm?

Whether you are an existing farmer who wants to diversify or someone already working in education/care/social work, our care farming resources can help. 

Case Studies

Inspirational case studies from our members across the UK.

Our Work

We are the leading UK charity dedicated to supporting city farms, community gardens, care farms & other green spaces.