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Your business can help communities grow well together.

If you want to help us improve lives and communities, as well as getting some great PR, benefiting your employees and enhancing your working environment then get in contact.

We have worked with a number of corporate partners, including:

Our members are small, independent charities and organisations throughout the UK who are making huge changes in their local communities. Through the care of livestock, growing crops and vegetables, horticulture and a colourful array of other nature-based activities; our members bring communities together, reduce social isolation and improve the health and happiness of communities. For many people, being a part of these groups has transformed their lives.


There are plenty of possibilities for working together

We can:

  • Develop a workplace allotment/garden for your employees
  • Work with you to develop a bespoke corporate volunteering opportunity or programme
  • Create or adapt a brand line that provides a donation to SF&G
  • Sponsor a programme such as Dobies Training for community gardens
  • Launch a community or education project around food growing, wildlife, local pride or another issue
  • Work together on competitions or discount promotions for our members
  • Administer a fund programme to support our members  …or try something unique and completely different!

To discuss ideas and forge a mutually beneficial relationship, call us on 0117 923 1800 or email Alison Sheffield at:

“It was so helpful having a co-ordinator to link us with local community growing groups. The face to face meeting was excellent in terms of insights and experience from a single person.”

Carmel McQuaid, Head of Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer



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