Corporate Enquiries

Your business can help us grow communities

If you want to help us improve people's lives and the communities where they live, as well as getting some great PR and fulfilling your Corporate Social Responsibilities, then get in contact.

We have worked with a number of corporate partners, including:

  • Jewson
  • Dobies of Devon
  • Bulldog Tools
  • Ecover
  • Tyrrells
  • Morissons
  • Marks & Spencer
  • The Cooperative
  • Northern Polytunnels

There are plenty of possibilities for working together.

We could:

  • Start up a workplace allotment/gardening scheme at your head offices
  • Set up a matchfunding scheme for our members who are looking to crowdfund a project
  • Carry out specific grant-funded projects, such as those based around corporate volunteering
  • Create or adapt a brand line where we get a cut of all sales 
  • Launch a community or education project around food growing, wildlife, local pride or another issue
  • Work together on competitions or discount promotions for our members

To discuss ideas and forge a mutually beneficial relationship, call us on 0117 923 1800 or email Alison Sheffield at:

If you want to make enquiries about working with us in a specific region or UK country, then please visit 'Our team' page for details of who to contact.

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