There are plenty of possibilities for working together.

Social Farms & Gardens can support you to:

  • Develop a workplace allotment/garden for your employees.
  • Develop a bespoke nature-based team-building opportunity or programme for your employees [LINK].
  • Create or adapt a brand line that provides a donation to SF&G for the benefit of our members across the UK.
  • Sponsoring a programme such as training or awards.
  • Administer a fund programme to support our nature-based community activities throughout the UK.
  • Offer discount promotions on your products for our members.
  • Launch a community or education project around food growing, wildlife, local pride or another issue.
  • Work in partnership to create a competition for our members.
  •  … or try something unique and completely different!

Hear about more about how our partnership work with Copper Beech Play came about:

To discuss ideas and forge a mutually beneficial relationship, call us on 0117 923 1800 or email: [email protected]


Case Studies

Inspirational case studies from our members across the UK.

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