In 2017 Social Farms & Gardens produced a report on the feasibility and benefits of a CLAS Ireland service.

The report, which is available to download below, highlights the role that asset transfer plays in the shift from a deficit model of planning to a more sustainable growth model.

At the time of writing, local authorities and the Housing Executive were keen to explore this model of working practice. The report concludes that a lack of skills to develop investment readiness and financial management is hindering community involvement in asset transfer.

Whilst there is no legislative framework for asset transfer in Northern Ireland, in 2014 the then Department of Social Development (now Department for Communities) drew up a policy framework document to create a more enabling environment for Community Asset Transfer available to download HERE

The document identifies outcomes that must be achieved by successful asset transfer:

  • Delivering community benefits

  • Supporting development of social enterprise

  • Contributing to social, environmental or economic regeneration

  • Supporting the sustainability of a community organisation

  • Improving social cohesion

  • This is underpinned by the principles of partnership and mutual benefit.

Read the report HERE

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