Composting in the Community Network

Composting in the Community is an independent network supported by Social Farms & Gardens. It is a mutual support and specialist network of practitioners and those interested in starting composting sites including home compost support schemes and constituted community composting groups. 

The group primarily operates through a Facebook Group, which is a great place to start for friendly advice and information.

Composting in the community can take many forms, from a group of neighbours producing home garden compost through to collection and composting from multiple sources on a communal site, using either green ‘waste’ and/or food ‘waste’.

Our Vision 

To influence the development of a comprehensive soil strategy that links protection of the environment and health to food waste and other compostable materials that are currently incinerated and otherwise wastefully disposed of.

Our Mission

To inspire and enable individuals and communities to help tackle the climate crisis and improve health and wellbeing through composting.

The network aims to:
  • Offer support and assistance to existing groups composting in a community setting and those wishing to start a new one
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas and information, including peer support
  • Campaign for greater understanding and recognition of the value of composting
  • Produce a periodic newsletter for those interested in promoting opportunities for composting at a community level
  • Where appropriate, and in collaboration with other specialist organisations, to present a strong voice for composting in the community activities at a national and UK level, and to influence future policy and practice, including engaging in and promoting research
  • Arrange network meetings to exchange ideas, gain inspiration from the work of others and discuss how to stimulate understanding and support for composting in the community.

This network/group was formed in the second half of 2021 and is largely reliant on volunteers. We will endeavour to answer all enquiries, but may not be able to provide detailed support or advice due to time constraints.

Where in-depth support is required as part of a new project or funding bid, we have individual network members who are happy to provide a quote for consultancy.

Please see the following documents for further information

Contacts: Help and Advice

Experienced community composters listed below have offered to help answer questions, or signpost to other expertise, and discuss issues:

  • John Le Corney, retired CEO of Heeley City Farm, Sheffield and Chair of CitCN

  • Lesley Greene:  Director of Bisley Community Composting Scheme

  • Minna Alanko-Falola:  Chief Executive and Founder of Compost Works, Liverpool

  • Nicky Scott:  Founder of the Chagford Community Composting Project, & ProperJob

  • Rodney Weston: Founder of Allotment based community scheme at Stokes Wood Allotments, Leicester

They are contactable via [email protected] 


Case Studies

Inspirational case studies from our members across the UK.

Our Work

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