This page is suitable for green space projects or enterprises that are thinking about entering a lease.

First read the guide to leasing which provides an introduction to what a lease is, who can sign and lease and what the implications are.

The Community Land Advisory Service has created a flowchart to guide you to find the right type of lease or licence for your particular project or interest.

With the help of Cardiff University Law Students we have also created this flowchart of the process of acquiring land and entering into a lease.

Please find another flowchart to determine if a Farm Business Tenancy or a Business Tenancy is appropriate. 

The Heads of Terms template/ how to guidance document is a helpful starting point for seeing if a prospective tenant and landowner can come to an agreement on crucial matters such as length of lease and rental. It is important to make sure the template has without prejudice/ subject to contract as a heading as it is important not to agree anything without seeking legal advice first.

Lease Requirements (Heads of Terms) Template/ Guidance document - Cymraeg / English

Additional Documents

Available on request. Please email: [email protected]

Leases and licences in practice

Please read this article from Wright Hassall Solicitors about the important differences between leases and licences. The case law mentioned teaches us that even though there is a written licence, what happens in practice, can be more important to the courts and a lease may have been granted without either party realising.



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