Gardeniser Hub Training for the Gardeniser Pro trainer

News item first posted on: 02/01/22

In October 2021 we had 12 learners attend a three day course at SF&G head office in Bristol to become trainers of Gardeniser Pro.

By the end of the classroom training the learners were able to understand all 3 modules of Gardeniser Pro training. These 12 people can now attain a Gardeniser Trainers Licence that gives them the ability to deliver Gardeniser training through SF&G or our partners in Austria, France and Italy. They then went on to deliver a further 40 hours of practical training via an apprenticeship which they did either in the UK or abroad in France, Italy and Austria, supporting the Gardeniser Pro course both online and face to face.


Gardeniser trainers undertaking the Gardeniser Hub train the trainer course had the following qualities:

• Obtained the Gardeniser Pro license.
• Proven training skills with a track record of training both face to face and online.
• A good knowledge of sustainable practices within the community garden/farm.
• A good organiser who has the ability organise and plan effectively.
• Innovative - The role requires someone who is good at problem solving, able to be resourceful, creative and is imaginative with a group of people.
• Flexibile and adaptable- the role requires the ability to adapt and adjust the training by having a good understanding of the group dynamics and their needs and abilities.
• Able to analyse and synthesise information- An ability to understand the training modules and adapt them if necessary, for their own country without losing the main learning points covered in each module.
• Excellent written and communication skills including the ability to create and use PowerPoint and make use of online training platforms such as Zoom.
• Ability to plan - The Gardeniser Trainer needs to plan the agenda, lessons, and activities so that all the modules are covered sufficiently and in a well-timed way.
• Ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. The Gardeniser Trainer will use their knowledge and experience alongside the modules, units and activities that make up the training.

Some feedback from the learners included:

"The course was great and really met its aims. Great discussion. Well-paced. Good facilitation. Inspiring."

"Overall the course was really well balanced and paced with equal time given to the different elements, nothing seemed particularly rushed or dragging. There were some topics where discussions of the topics themselves were prompted and I found these interesting and useful."

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