New Wales project mobilising individuals for climate action

News item first posted on: 29/11/23

Camau Gwyrdd is a new three year Wales project funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and aims to remove barriers to tackling climate change through inspiring and empowering individuals and their communities to take their first steps towards climate action.

How is it going to work? 

Exemplar organisations drawn from our membership will be our ‘Champions’. Our staff team will work to upskill and strengthen these Champions to better equip them to reach out and welcome others to visit and learn from their project successes, and struggles. This will include supporting them to reduce their own carbon footprint.   

We will pair our Champion sites with individuals, groups and communities who either have no track record of climate or sustainability action or who have some knowledge but don’t know how or where to get started.  

This will be achieved through three delivery streams: 

Grow Local  

Grow local will encourage and inspire communities to get growing, whether at home, joining an existing community garden, or setting up a new group in their own community.  We will support our Community Garden ‘Grow Local Champions’ throughout Wales to offer varied and fun events to engage with people who have not thought about climate action, or maybe they are doing it but they don’t realise! 

Carbon Local  

Carbon Local Champions will provide more in-depth skills sharing, workshops and knowledge transfer to individuals and small groups who are taking first steps towards a lower carbon lifestyle. 

Buy and Eat Local  

Buy Local Champions are community food growing enterprises who will be supported to reach further, promoting interest in local food (and the benefits), making it accessible for all and encouraging involvement through volunteering. Events will provide first hand experiences of these food growing sites, whilst marketing campaigns will seek to change mindsets and raise awareness of the differences that buying (and eating) locally make to being more sustainable in terms of carbon footprint  

We are particularly keen to welcome more men (young, old and veterans), low-income households, Welsh speakers, people who are not actively engaged in any outdoor social activity and people with low educational attainment, into community growing spaces.  

Camau Gwyrdd will be starting in January 2024.To find out more about the project and how you can get involved, please contact: [email protected]