'Tyfu Fyny' Wales Rural Development Programme Report published

News item first posted on: 27/07/20

'Tyfu Fyny' Wales Rural Development Programme Report published

Our 3-year Rural Development Programme funded project ‘Tyfu Fyny’ has now come to an end. It’s been a fantastic 3 years and during that time we have got to know the community growing sector in a Wales a little more. Many of the project's targets have been exceeded, so a massive thanks to everyone that has contributed and participated to its great success.

You can read the full reports in Welsh or English below. A few of the key findings within the report (and found in the Executive Summary), include:

  • The community growing sector in Wales is vibrant and has huge potential to contribute to Welsh Government policy relating to the economy, cultural heritage, the environment and the health and wellbeing of communities.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has presented significant opportunities for the sector to reaffirm the value of local food and to contribute towards food security in the future.
  • Despite the existence of a national community growing strategy there is significant variation about how this translates into support and action across different Local Authority areas.
  • The Tyfu Fyny delivery model of using experienced sector Development Workers who provide a gateway to specialist advice and support alongside specialist advisors is effective.
  • Networking and peer to peer learning is highly valued by groups and is more likely to lead to sustained change within the sector.
  • Social Farms & Gardens were able to draw on their experience and history of community based engagement work to provide multifaceted support to CSA’s and Care Farms which extended well beyond industry specific advice.
  • Any future project should build on the wealth of knowledge and experience and networks developed through Tyfu Fyny Sufficient capacity and resources should be allocated to any future project to ensure reach to all parts of the sector and all parts of Wales but also to combine on the ground approaches with strategic policy influencing.



Read the full evaluation reports:

English translation

TYFU FYNY Evaluation Exec Summary ENGLISH July'20

TYFU FYNY Full Evaluation Report ENGLISH July'20

Welsh translation

TYFU FYNY Evaluation Exec Summary WELSH July'20

TYFU FYNY Final Evaluation Report WELSH July'20


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