We’re hosting a Have a Grow Day

Welsh House Farm Green Grafters

Address: Rutley Grove Community Garden
Rutley Grove
B32 2LU

Welsh House Green Grafters aims
− To improve the appearance and uses of green spaces on the Welsh House
Farm estate
− To involve local residents and provide opportunities for gardening and
growing fruit and vegetables and related environmental activities
We have redeveloped a previously derelict plot of land in to Rutley Community Garden and have planted areas at Tarrant Grove, Rilstone Road and Moreton Close. We are also developing a project at Tennal Lane Allotments

Facilities: Volunteering, Holiday activities
Accessible? Yes
Has livestock?

Rutley Grove Community Garden is located at the end of Rutley Grove behind the shops on Blandford Road via a short number of steps. Wheelchair access is from Barnwood Road B32 2LY.

Toilets: No
What events and activities do you have planned for the day?

Plant and Seed Swap - Bring your spare plants and seeds and swap them for something different.
We will have a range of flowers and edible plants that you can swap.
Helen our Environmental Project Worker will be available for gardening tips and to show you round our Mother Garden

Will you be open on the day?

We will be open from 11am-1pm

Video or virtual tour: