Outdoor Wellbeing Network Northern Ireland

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The Outdoor Wellbeing Network helps develop and promote green care in Northern Ireland.

Green care in Northern Ireland is growing, with up to 150 projects now operating. There is increasing interest in the sector as people become more aware of green care benefits.

Green care means structured therapy or treatment programmes in natural surroundings. It is for people with a defined need - for example those using youth or health and care services. Social & Therapeutic Horticulture, Animal Assisted Therapy and Care Farming are well-known types of green care. 


The Outdoor Wellbeing Network is an informal group of over 30 green care providers in Northern Ireland.

The aim of the network is to define the needs of this emerging and expanding sector. We include the perspectives of practitioners, health and social care providers and participants.

We want to help sector development in Northern Ireland by bringing green care providers together. The network is also a way for people to share knowledge and support.


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Contact us

If you'd like to get involved the the Outdoor Wellbeing Network, please email Miriam Turley at [email protected] or call 07725699442. 

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Your services are free, relevant and have promoted growth which makes you more popular with us.” – Community Garden member.