The Outdoor Wellbeing Network helps to develop and promote green care in Northern Ireland.

There is a proliferation of green care projects in Northern Ireland - up to 150 currently operating - due to a growing awareness of the benefits of this kind of care, changing healthcare policy and the move in the CVS from grant funding to social enterprise. 

Green care is an umbrella term for all services that use farms, gardens and woodlands as arenas for education, child and youth services, occupational training, health and care services. Green care can simply consist of providing access to nature while taking account of individual needs: alternatively it can involve carefully planned therapeutic interventions using the outdoors as a medium for the intervention.

Over the past four years Social Farms & Gardens have been working to establish the Outdoor Wellbeing Network (an informal network of over 30 green care service providers in Northern Ireland) to determine what the needs of the emerging and expanding sector are, from the perspective of practitioners, health and social care providers and participants. We want to assist the development of the emerging  green-care sector in Northern Ireland by bringing together representatives of each interest group to share knowledge and to develop a mutual support network.

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