Quality assurance with the Social Farms & Gardens Green Care Quality Mark

If you’re running green care services, get quality assurance with our Green Care Quality Mark. The Quality Mark helps you check that you’re providing a safe and responsible experience. 

Make sure you've covered the minimum standards you need as a green care provider. Understand the requirements of commissioners, referral agencies and service users. Gain confidence, peace of mind and build trust with your community.

Whether you run care farming, Social & Therapeutic Horticulture or Animal Assisted Therapy, the Quality Mark is for you. We recommend The Quality Mark to anyone offering commissioned green care services for people with a defined need. 

We develop and manage the Green Care Quality Mark (formerly the Care Farming Code of Practice) here at Social Farms & Gardens. Our team regularly update any changes in commissioning, legislation and good practice. The Green Care Quality Mark costs £60 per year and is site-specific.   

Why get quality assurance with us

  • Stay up to date with all the necessary standards to be a responsible provider
  • Follow a clear framework with all your policies and procedures in one place 
  • Access support and resources from other experienced green care providers 
  • Ensure that your site is a safe and caring place to be 
  • Be confident that you are delivering a professional service 
  • Show that you are a credible provider in the green care sector 

How to apply for the Green Care Quality Mark

Step one:green_care_quality_mark.png
Apply for the quality mark online via our self-assessment form. 

Follow our reassuring framework covering four key areas: 

  • About our organisation
  • We run a responsible operation 
  • We care about the people we work with 
  • Our organisation is a safe place to be 

Step two:
One of our experienced peer reviewers will assess your application. 

Step three: 
When you pass the Quality Mark, your organisation receives Quality Mark status. You’ll be able to use the Quality Mark logo and share your certificate.  

Step four: 
Maintain your Quality Mark status each year with our rolling annual compliance process. 

The Green Care Quality Mark is a redevelopment of our Care Farming Code of Practice. If you’ve achieved the Care farming Code of Practice, you'll move to the Green Care Quality Mark during your annual compliance process. If your Code of Practice has expired, please reapply for the new Green Care Quality Mark now.

If you have any questions about the Green Care Quality Mark, please get in touch with us at qualitymark@farmgarden.org.uk  

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Quality assurance resources

If you would like to find an organisation near you that has the Quality Mark /Code, or is working towards it then please visit our searchable map

We'll be updating our resources from the Code of Practice to the Quality Mark soon - in the meantime you may find the following helpful: 

"Care farming colleagues who have applied the Code of Practice to their work give us added confidence that they are professional and represent care farming as a positive, quality service"

Magdalen Environmental Trust, Somerset 

"Completing the Code of Practice highlighted a number of areas that we needed to tighten up on, but also identified the areas of care farming that we were doing really well! A worthwhile process and the badge has been used numerous times in funding bids!"

Densholme Care Farm, N. Yorks.