SF&G has designed a set of free-to-use, highly accessible Health & Safety signs to encourage farm visitors to wash their hands. Better signage was called for by The Griffin Report, following the EColi outbreak in 2010. The signs are particularly relevant for young children, people with learning difficulties or other special needs, people whose first language is not English, and older children who may be reluctant to wash their hands.

We have created a flexible system that should allow farms to incorporate the new concept into their own brand signs, based around two simple themes:

  • GO (green) signs which are welcoming and give advice
  • STOP (red) signs which are alerts and give instructions.

Guidance is provided on best practice in writing information and instructions to make leaflets and notices more accessible, and generic advice about accessible signs and signage. The full toolkit contains a complete set of signage material and information, plus editable versions of the leaflets and posters which can be personalised or 'branded' by projects.

Download the full toolkit here.

Download individual signs below:

Leaflets & flyers - pdf files:

Leaflets & flyers - Editable Versions (please note that these are very large files and may take some time to download):

If you have any comments or queries please contact Ian via: [email protected]