These videos are a useful illustration of the topics covered in the Welsh version of our Community Resource Pack. They also give a fascinating insight in the way community growing groups develop and how SF&G has supported them.

SF&G's member groups are a great source of inspiration and information when it comes to running a successful and sustainable community growing group or city farm. As part of our work in Wales, through the Tyfu Pobl programme, SF&G commissioned a series of video case studies to go alongside its new Community Growing Resource Pack, which is aimed at people thinking of setting up a community garden or other urban green space (other versions of the Resource Packs are available specifically for England or Scotland). 

The video case studies below all feature groups in Wales, but they provide an entertaining and informative look at many different aspects of community growing, which will be of interest, and of use, to new and established community growers wherever they are based in the UK. The videos also illustrate how working with SF&G has helped these groups to thrive.