This is a glossary of topics to consider as coronavirus lockdown eases. It is based on insights from Social Farms & Gardens members. This document is a suitable start for small and large projects, gardens and farms and food growing sites in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. 

The Glossary 

The glossary covers the following topics:

1.    Animals
2.    Beneficiaries 
3.    Businesses
4.    Capacity
5.    Care Farms
6.    Charitable aims
7.    Cleaning and Hygiene
8.    Closing (for another lockdown)
9.    Communications
10.    Finances, Fundraising, Furlough
11.    First aid 
12.    Food and Drink    
13.    Illness
14.    Insurance
15.    Internet / Online
16.    Learning
17.    Opportunities
18.    People
19.    Plants
20.    Risk Assessments
21.    Safeguarding and GDPR
22.    Spaces and Social distancing
23.    Transport/Travel/Vehicles

It will help you think though: 

•    Whether to reopen your farm or garden fully, partially or not at all.
•    What to have in place in order to reopen. 
•    What you may want to adapt.

This is a ‘live’ document. Please send questions, suggestions and feedback to [email protected]