A factsheet to help anyone charged with managing an allotment site develop strategies and solutions to tackle vandalism and security issues on their site.

This factsheet is one of a series of factsheets, along with a selection of sample tenancy and other legal document templates, that form a toolkit to assist in site management. All of these resources are available to download from: www.farmgarden.org.uk/allotment-site-management-toolkit

This factsheet is based on content originally published by the Allotments Regeneration Initiative 2011 and was reviewed in 2020 when Social Farms & Gardens worked with the Welsh Government to produce a range of resources to help ensure local authorities and others involved in the management of allotment sites in Wales maximise the potential of those sites for the local population. With support from the Welsh Government, SF&G Wales wrote a guidance document for local authorities, growers and growing groups in Wales which provides an overview of allotment site management.