Awarded Projects - Small Edible Horticulture Grants 2021

Social Farms & Gardens, in partnership with Food Sense Wales created a fantastic opportunity to access small capital grants as part of Peas Please, a UK National Lottery funded programme to drive up veg consumption. We had a fantastic response, and the competition was high, but we are so pleased to announce that we are supporting 5 horticultural enterprises with capital support aiming to increase production. 

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Ash & Elm Horticulture, Powys

Llanidloes-based Ash & Elm Horticulture will be installing a borehole to provide water to the site.  An agro-ecological social market garden, Ash & Elm already provides the community with locally grown vegetables, fruit and flowers and runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box scheme as well as providing horticultural education and residential off-grid work experience.  Each year Ash & Elm install more tanks to collect and store rain but still only have enough to last 3 weeks without rain - enough for the polytunnels only. This grant means that they can now look forward to installing a borehole this winter so that they’re are ready for the start of next year’s growing season – further increasing the amount of veg they produce.

Henbant Permaculture – Gwynedd 

Henbant in Gwynedd is a community centred, permaculture inspired farm that will use its funding to create a ‘Veg Shed’ – a building that will become the powerhouse of its operation and help improve its efficiency, profitability and accessibility. This will include a wash station and a pack and collection shed for its expanding CSA veg box scheme also allowing them to sell other farm and locally produced regenerative products to their local community.
Troed y Rhiw Organics, Ceredigion

Troed y Rhiw in Ceredigion is a mixed organic farm whose ethos is built around a belief in the necessity of farming sustainably in the 21st century. It focuses on edible horticulture and serves its immediate community through a box scheme, local producer’s market as well as selling to shops.   The Farm will use the grant to contribute towards purchasing a tractor-towed windrow compost turner, enabling them to make full use of, and to create higher quality farm-made compost – which will in turn, contribute to an increase in production. 

Angle Walled Garden, Pembrokeshire 

The team at the Angle Walled Garden in Pembrokeshire is excited to be using its grant to erect a Polytunnel to help increase the duration of its grown and selling season.  It will allow Angle Walled Garden to provide fresh veg to local communities year-round; grow low carbon winter vegetables; expand summer salad crops grown undercover; expand crops which depend on undercover propagation and provide a larger area for autumn ripening, increasing the amount of vegetable it produces and sells within its locality. 

Glasbren CIC, Carmarthenshire 

Glasbren CIC  is located in Bancyfelin on the outskirts of Carmarthen and in 2020, it fed 40 families in Carmarthenshire through its CSA veg box schem.  With a focus on communicating the value and realities of regenerative, small-scale food production, Glasbren also promotes health and wellbeing; a connection to nature and offers the opportunity to be directly involved in growing.  The grant received by Glasbren will enable the team to extend its packing shed as well as installing an insulated walk in chiller. This extension will allow the company to increase its veg box numbers by ten.  The grant will also contribute towards a second polytunnel, expanding its growing space and increasing production by 8%. 



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