About the Community Land Advisory Service Wales

  • Is your community looking for land to set up a community garden or food growing project?
  • Would you like to use local authority land for a wildlife project?
  • Do you need help getting permissions to use land for the benefit of your community?
  • Do you need guidance on setting up and progressing your green space project?  

The Community Land Advisory Service in Wales (CLAS Cymru) is funded by Welsh Government to support community green space projects to acquire land and gain all the necessary permissions, including planning, so that they can set up and manage green spaces as effectively as possible. The service provides a specialist support and advice service as well as valuable resources for accessing land and gaining permissions for community led green space projects across Wales.  
If you would like one-to-one support from a CLAS advisor, please download and complete this form and send it to wales@farmgarden.org.uk . A CLAS advisor will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

CLAS Awards

The ‘Community Land Advisory Service Cymru Community Management Award’ began in 2019 and is run by Social Farms and Gardens to acknowledge the community management of green spaces. Find out more about the award and award winners. 

Improving planning rights for allotment holders and community growers

Did you know that Social Farms and Gardens has been working hard to improve planning rights for allotment holders and community growers? We responded to the Welsh Government Consultation on permitted development rights earlier this year and we are now pleased to see these new planning rights for community growers of all kinds. Please see our press release here.

Storage sheds and greenhouses – permitted development

The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (the “GPDO”), as amended, allows some minor development to be undertaken, within certain parameters, without the need to apply to the LPA for planning permission. This is known as “permitted development”.
The GPDO has recently been amended to provide permitted development rights (PDRs) for development consisting of the erection, extension, alteration or replacement of storage sheds and greenhouses on community growing spaces. Some limitations apply to manage the visual and environmental impact of the development permitted. This means, in some circumstances, not everyone can benefit from these rights and will need to apply to their local planning authority for planning permission if the structure constitutes development. The extent that you can benefit from the PDRs depends on the size of the growing space and the size of the storage shed and greenhouse.
Please see our FACTSHEET which provides guidance for growers in Wales, on how to work out if you need planning permission. This is meant as a guide only and growers should always contact your local planning authority or the CLAS Cymru programme to gain further advice. 


CLAS Cymru works in collaboration with the Green Flag Community Award which is managed by Keep Wales Tidy. We are working with them to increase the number of community managed green spaces and the number of eligible green flag community sites. CLAS Cymru runs its own award programme called the CLAS Cymru Community Management Awards to recognise community projects that are working to set up new community green space projects such as orchards, woodlands and community gardens. Such projects are all contributing to highly valuable nature-based activities which are run by voluntary members of our communities who give up their spare time for the greater good of their local environment. The CLAS Cymru Awards are a stepping stone to achieving a Green Flag Community Award.

The CLAS Cymru programme has worked with Blake Morgan LLP Law Firm, Wright Hassall LLP Law Firm and Cardiff University Law School to provide training and to keep our knowledge, resources and templates up to date and helpful as possible.  

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If you would like more information or need advice on getting land to set up your community green space project please contact our CLAS Cymru Coordinator Lucie Taylor - lucie@farmgarden.org.uk 

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