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Accessing Land Process

This generic guide takes community groups (or those hoping to start one) through the process involved in setting up a community green space project. It provides a broad step-by-step process for acquiring land and getting a lease or a license from a landowner. There are links to useful information resources created by CLAS (currently being updated). Please bear in mind that this is an example process. There will be variations depending on the circumstances.  


Our resources section highlights a number of CLAS specific resources for use in England and Wales. It signposts to some key resources that support acquisition of land and getting permissions to use land for community groups carry out green space projects and nature-based activities. 

There are tools and guidance documents in this section that will help you in your search for land for your green space project.  

1) Finding Land 

2) Community Growing Resource Pack, Wales - a comprehensive resource for those planning on starting or expanding a community food growing project

3) Negotiating with Land Owners & 'Heads of Terms'

4) Different Types of Land Agreements - Leases and Licences

5) Planning: Advice Notes - 
a) What needs planning permission on growing projects or enterprises
b) How to gain planning permission on growing project or enterprises

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