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CEVAS care farmer training


If you are thinking of setting up a care farm, have only recently started offering care farming services or have new members of staff that you'd like to bring up to speed, then a CEVAS training course is a great place for you to start. CEVAS is suitable for a wide range of people, including care farmers, care farm staff, volunteers, advisors and carers.

CEVAS stands for Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme which is a nationally recognised accreditation (OCN) offered by the Access To Farms (ATF) partnership (of which Social farms & Gardens is a member) which brings together agricultural organisations that support farmers to provide opportunities for people to experience farming 

The scheme offers training for individuals who are working – or plan to work – with a one or a range of individuals with additional or defined needs.

There are two available routes: a Therapeutic Route for care farming (structured, regular service as part of an individual's health or social care or specialist educational programme) that covers a wide range of visitors with largely therapeutic aims and outcomes and an Educational Route that predominantly covers school visits with educational aims and outcomes.

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