Tyfu Powys: Orchard Leader

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Tyfu Powys

February 2024 - December 2024


We are working with community sites in Powys to support local people to grow, be active, healthy and learn new skills. 

About the project

Tyfu Powys is providing support for existing and new community growing organisations across Powys. 

What do we currently have to offer you?

  • Join our Powys Community Growing network – a supportive Powys community, dedicated Facebook group and gatherings 
  • Funding for On-Site Infrastructure - £2,450 per group to develop your growing site (this round is now closed).
  • Find a Mentor – receive 1:1 support to develop your community growing project
  • Free Orchard Training - with our friends at The Orchard Project
  • Funding for Community Events – ‘Eat Well’ (£1300 per group) and ‘People and Planet’ (£1500 per group)
  • Get on the Map - add your community garden to our Wales map, with free GIS mapping training

How can I get involved?


Click here to register to receive Tyfu Powys support - please read our guidance notes before submitting your request for support.

Our Tyfu Powys Values


  • Nurturing community (working together, welcoming diversity, sharing experiences)

  • Growing together (building local skills, knowledge and volunteer opportunities) 

  • Supporting health & wellbeing (accessible, nature-based activities) 


  • Creating beautiful spaces (to be shared and enjoyed locally) 

  • Nurturing pride of place (shared care, responsibility and love for your local area) 

  • Developing infrastructure that lasts (planning for the long-term future of growing sites) 


  • Caring for our planet (wildlife, water conservation, healthy soil and biodiversity) 

  • Building local resilience (sharing knowledge, skills & positive action for sustainable futures) 

  • Growing, buying and eating local (choosing native, seasonal and locally produced food) 

Join our Powys Community Growing Network



If you'd like to get involved or know more about our work across Wales, please email [email protected] 




Tyfu Powys has received £203,610 from the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Supported by Powys County Council. 


Includes our own training events and workshops, and selected events and training run by organisations in the sector we think might be relevant. We aim to share the buzz and keep you informed.