Green City Action
Grimesthorpe Allotment Site
Grimesthorpe Road
S4 8LE
Phone Number: 0114 244 0353

Green City Action has set up the School for Vegetables project which aims to provide training and support for those wanting to grow their own food. The project engages with local schools who use the School for Vegetables site, based at Grimesthorpe Allotment, as a learning resource and outdoor classroom for students and also assists the schools in the creation of their own vegetable gardens.School for Vegetables works with schools to undertake site visits and educational environmental activities, link growing vegetables with the national curriculum, help fundraise and create growing spaces within the school grounds.The School for Vegetables project also trains and supports local volunteers, residents and community organisations in learning new skills in horticulture and sustainable food growing. Green City Action also supports tenants and residents who are keen to create food growing spaces in their neighbourhoods.
The project will also develop its garden share scheme. Green City Action aims to match and introduce committed, enthusiastic and respectful growers with local garden owners who want to see their gardens being used more productively. The benefits of this would be to share the produce, enjoy developing a vegetable plot, and being part of a sharing initiative.