Burnage Community Cafe
4 Steps Enterprise and Learning Centre
Burnage Community Centre
347 Burnage Lane
M19 1EW
Phone Number: 01614427544

We want to develop a community garden growing vegetables to supply our community café which will be set up at the back of Burnage Community Centre. A local baker is currently writing a crowdfunding project to raise funds to build the café which will be housed in a temporary cabin at the back of the community centre. The garden space around the café will be used to develop our community vegetable garden. We will plant the vegetables inside old filing cabinets that will be painted by local people in an art project. We want to involve people who use the café in planting, growing and maintaining the vegetables so they can be used in the community café and in the commercial kitchen within Burnage Community Centre. One corner of the garden will be designed as a sensory garden with a small number of tables and chairs so people can sit outside on fine days.