With the UK's second biggest city in Birmingham and plenty of other big urban areas, the West Midlands is an important region for SF&G and community growing in the UK. 

See below for a map view or list of Social Farms & Gardens members in this region, as well as local news, events and case studies. There are also lots of useful information resources available for social farmers, gardeners and growers on our Resources page.  

If you are looking for members that offer commissioned health, social care or special education services (such as care farms), please follow this link.


West Midlands

West Midlands

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Latest news

This month saw the School Farms Network host their fifth annual School Farms Conference, bringing together leading practitioners in educational farming environments from across the UK. Hosted by by Liam Dowsan from the Royal Agricultural University, the event took place at its Cirencester campus...


What is underinsurance?
Underinsurance essentially is where you have insured for less than the true value of what is being insured. It is a common mistake but a costly one, determined by the ‘condition of average’ clause, which you can read about here.


Upcoming events

20th January 2024, 02:00pm to 04:00pm

Everyone is invited to our annual general meeting.

Online, accessible anytime 

An online course for people interested in setting up a care farm. Get an introduction to care farming and the basics of starting up. 


Online, accessible anytime 

An online course for new and established care farmers. Take a detailed look at care farming and developing good practice on your farm.


Useful Case Studies

The Growing Project is a unique and creative inter-organisational relationship offering therapeutic community growing experiences that bring together different people, supporting them in difficult times to grow, learn and work together.

Our member groups provide the inspiration for these videos, created as part of our Tyfu Pobl programme in Wales but of interest to viewers across the UK, which shows our members in action and illustrate how our support has helped in their development...