Sunset Barn Care Farm

Phone: 07847 037622
Address: Sunset Barn
125 Undley Hall
IP27 9BY

Sunset Barn Care Farm exists to provide day care opportunities to anyone who might benefit ages 13 years to 101 plus years. We offer opportunity to work with animals; pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese and dogs. We grow plants on extensive vegetable patch and in polytunnel. We engage in activities on the wider farm where we grow potatoes, sugar beet, wheat and barley. We take a keen interest in all the nature on the farm recording daily what birds and animals we have seen. We help with hedge planting on the wider farm and maintaining of tracks as well as learning about food production observing the various cultivations involved with their production. We carry out seasonal craft activities and make jams and pickles etc. from surplus produce. We provide a meal daily and attendees get involved with its preparation with our onsite chef. We had an active recycling hub which is benefiting various charities as well as educating about recycling.