MHA The Wilderness Garden

Phone: 07858376314
Address: Hall Grange
17 Shirley Church Road

MHA The Wilderness is a unique and reformed garden which was first discovered over a 100 years ago. The reclaimed wilderness offers access to a hidden heritage garden in South London with an accessible, engaging and nature conservation programme of activities together with Green Care therapies.

The Wilderness garden was first created by Rev William Wilks, Vicar of Shirley and former secretary of the Royal Horticulture Society, between 1904 and 1923: a wild garden that lived up to the house’s name. Over a 100 years later it has been restored by MHA to its former glory and both our residents and visitors couldn’t be happier with the beautiful garden.

The aim of the ground - breaking project is to improve the lives and the heritage experiences of the residents who live within our care home, MHA Hall Grange together with the local and wider communities in London.

MHA The Wilderness provides opportunities for skill - building through its heritage as well as revealing a rich tapestry of stories that will come alive through the reawakening of the garden.