Ffarm Moelyci

Phone: 01248 602793
Address: Ffarm Moelyci
Lon Felin Hen
LL57 4BB

Ffarm Moelyci has had a long heritage as Wales' first community owned farm. It now has a great future as it returns to farming, builds a rural enterprise park and provides a plethora of opportunities for local employment, skills and volunteering.

Since 2002, when it was sold out from the Penrhyn Estate, the farm has been owned and run by a community group. This was initially Moelyci Environmental Centre Ltd - a coop who focused on developing the wildlife on the farm.

Now under the management of Cwm Land Trust there is new investment and new activists joining the farm all the time. Farming is to be reintroduced, a new shop café has been opened and the barn refurbishment has been competed with the installation of a commercial teaching kitchen. This on top of the 63 allotments, the market garden and fruit field. The farmhouse is home to several small businesses and there are plans to build a cheese dairy as the first of several rural enterprise workshops.

Facilities: Cafe, Volunteering, Shop, Community space for hire, Picnic area, Community recycling/composting, Wildlife area
Open to the public? Yes
Open to the public - details: Open access
Accessible? No
Has livestock? No