Fir Tree Community Garden

Phone: 01443412704
Address: Fir Tree Centre
Fir Tree Drive
Quakers Yard
CF46 5BW

It really is a remarkable project that started out as a neglected piece of waste land up to 8ft high with brambles. It was completely inaccessible and attracted litter, vermin and used needles. A small but dedicated group of locals came together and utterly transformed the land. The team of local volunteers have built 12 beds, housing a wide range of vegetables including, courgettes, cabbages and peas. The project has been entered into the upcoming Green Flag community garden competition with the judging taking place soon. The volunteers hope the garden’s green credentials will stand them in good stead to win first prize, the ecofriendly garden houses a funky greenhouse made out of plastic bottles with added water butt to collect and re use rain water, a composting area and a number of bee friendly flowers. The vegetables produced in the garden will eventually be incorporated into the center’s weekly food cooperative.

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