Eyja Heima Project

Phone: 07788414254
Address: Eyja Heima
KW17 2PU

This is a small eco development centred around the building of a load-bearing straw bale house with living roof. The project will host multiple volunteer (free) courses to develop the knowledge and skills needed to enable self-builders and community groups to build sustainable, zero/low carbon buildings for either personal dwelling or as community resources. The courses will also include self sufficiency training in growing for own food supplies or social sharing. The project is based on a 0.9 acre site on the island of Rousay, Orkney and will use a water borehole for all water use with rainwater/grey water harvesting for irrigation of growing areas. Humanure composting will be an important element in the project infrastructure.

Facilities: Volunteering, Picnic area, Sustainable/Green building on site
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