Creating Welhealth Cooperative (Farm: Ty Nant, Fferm Frwythau)

Phone: 07980158661
Address: Ty Nant
Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr
LL21 9UW

Agroforestry Forest Garden, Permaculture Gift Economy Farm, developing 7 acres of forest garden for perennial community food and agroforestry produce of all kinds. It is a cooperative farm project still being developed, off grid, utilizing energy efficiency techniques, forest gardening, renewables and durables, composting and water management with aims to transition to achieve a totally Gift Economy money free shared community commons vital life resource for the farm members, local community members, and wider community members.

See Doughnut economics: "The challenge of the 21st Century is clear. To meet the needs of all people within the means of this extraordinary unique living planet"

For gift economy see

The aims of the co-op are to have all the basics of life’s needs – land, warmth and shelter, water and food, totally money free; That very real commons economy that you find in the home and with close neighbours and at the heart of every community. Increasing that moneyless commons land and life resources for more people. (Creating Welhealth Co-op was set up as a temporary group to bring Ty Nant farm to a level where people could start Welhealth Co-op, run according to a constitution as a transition to moneyless living)

Facilities: Cafe, Volunteering, Wildlife area, Sustainable/Green building on site
Open to the public? No
Open to the public - details: Variable opening hours/pre-arranged visits/events or open days only
Accessible? No
Has livestock? No