Care farming knowledge base

Care farming is the therapeutic use of farming practices and is sometimes called social farming. 

Care farming sits amongst other nature-based therapies that are collectively called 'green care' - structured nature programmes for people with a defined need. Social Farms & Gardens is a founding member of the Green Care Coalition which represents green care providers in the UK. 

The care farming knowledge base is a library of information and resources developed by the care farming sector. It's a tool for learning, a first step for those wanting to enter care farming and a guide for developing care farming services.

You may find the knowledge base useful if: 

  • You would like to learn more about becoming a care farmer 
  • You're already a care farmer and want to develop your services
  • You commission or want to commission care farming services, e.g. in health, social care or education
  • You are a researcher, journalist or are interested in finding out more about care farming

How to use the care farming knowledge base

Explore the menu headings and browse the articles in each section to see care farming topics and information. Watch or download resources or type a key word in the search bar. 

As a guide: 

  • Learn about care farming - information for people new to the sector
  • Get started as a care farmer - for those taking their first steps in the sector
  • Explore care farming services - the different ways that care farming can help people
  • Develop care farming services - for more established practitioners
  • Find a care farm - our map and list of care farms and green care providers
  • Find care farming research - links to related research for academics and interested parties

About us

The care farming knowledge base was developed by the Growing Care Farming team. The Growing Care Farming project (May 2019-March 2022) was part of the Government’s Children & Nature programme and was delivered by Social Farms & Gardens, in partnership with Thrive.