In May 2020, SF&G launched a series of online webinars designed to help members tackle the most pressing concerns arising from the pandemic, and to share best practice and inspiration from around the country. Themes were based on what members told us were the most immediate and challenging issues though our COVID -19 survey.

These COVID 19 specific webinars have now finished, however we are now running free Monthly Social Farms & Gardens webinars for members on a variety of issues and topics.

You can view all our previous COVID - 19 webinars below.


Thursday May 21st - Budgets and Cash-flow Forecasts for Funding Bids


Friday May 22nd - Adapting Working Practices for Community Farming And Growing Sector

Monday May 25th – Finding and Approaching Funders

Tuesday May 26th  – Writing and Evidencing Your Funding Bid

Wednesday May 27th  – Applying For Lottery Funding During Covid-19

Monday June 1st – Discussion - The Post Covid- 19 Future for Community Farming and Growing Sector

Additional links and resources for this webinar:

Shared Assets - Scaling Land Based Social Enterprises

Our Growing Community Swansea - a council produced resource shared by a webinar attendee which helps communities in Swansea explore more ways and new places to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Tuesday 9th June - Plant Packs and Pots – Supporting Communities to Grow At Home during Covid-19

Wednesday 10th June - Land Issues and Opportunities for Community Growers and Agricultural Social Enterprises Now and Beyond Covid-19

Thursday 2nd July  - Risk Management, Insurance and Liability during Covid-19

Friday 3rd July - Thinking about Reopening

Tuesday 4th August - Food Bank Partnerships

Tuesday 18th August - Working with vulnerable volunteers

Hear about how Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens (Nottingham) and Martineau Gardens (Birmingham) are welcoming back vulnerable volunteers into their spaces and the processes they’ve put in place to keep people safe.

Wednesday 19th August - Creating great video content

Hear from Conor O’Kane (the Lockdown Gardener) and Joanne Butler to learn about creating great online content including filming, editing and streaming

Wednesday 26th August - Welcoming diversity in community farms and gardens

Monica Tyler, CEO of Vauxhall City Farm, chairs a discussion on encouraging diversity and particularly enabling people from minority groups to be involved in decision making processes in environmental organisations.


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