Food Sovereignty through Seed Saving and Exchange


Growing healthy, sustainable food starts with seeds. We're helping community gardeners and growers to produce local food by saving seeds and sharing knowledge. 

Seed sovereignty is the right of farmers to save, use, exchange and sell their own seeds. Over the last century it has come under threat from hybrid seed types, patents and global trade agreements. Seed sovereignty movements promote a return to using diverse, open-pollinated seed that can be saved. Similarly, food sovereignty means communities have more localised control over food production. 

Our work is enabling communities across the north of Ireland to save seed and produce local food. We organise the collection, sorting and delivery of seed to groups taking part. We also deliver seed-saving training, coordinate meetings and run events promoting seed sovereignty.


To promote seed-saving, local food and to create a self-sustaining network of seed guardian gardens across the north of Ireland.  


    The project is funded by Necessity until Spring 2024. 


    • Over 100,000 seeds saved and shared since the programme began in late 2020
    • 104 varieties in our 2023 seed list
    • 20 active gardens saving and sharing seed across the north of the island of Ireland
    • Raised the profile of seed-saving in the North of Ireland
    • Started work with Libraries Northern Ireland on a pilot to promote seed libraries within the library service
    • Linked with other seed sovereignty organisations including:
      • Gaia Seed Sovereignty Programme
      • Irish Seed Savers Association
      • True Harvest Seeds
      • London Freedom Seed Bank
      • Incredible Seed Library in Wales


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    If you'd like to know more about our work, please email our Northern Ireland team at [email protected] 


    Includes our own training events and workshops, and selected events and training run by organisations in the sector we think might be relevant. We aim to share the buzz and keep you informed.