Introduction to care farming

If you'd like to know what care farming is all about, explore the articles below for an introduction. 

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What is care farming?

If you're new to care farming, you might be wondering what the term means. Find out exactly what care farming is and what care farms do.  

Who is care farming for?

Agricultural settings can help a wide range of people improve their health and wellbeing. Discover who can benefit from time spent care farming. 

Why does care farming work?

Care farming is a powerful mix of nature, community and meaningful farming activity. Understand why care farming changes people's lives.

Who benefits from care farming?

Care farming is a good thing in lots of different ways. Find out how it helps service users, health and social care providers, farmers and wider society. 

Care farming in the UK

We track the scale and scope of the care farming sector and provide valuable data for care farmers and the green care sector.