Resilient Green Spaces - Community Access to Farms and Land


This strand of our Resilient Green Spaces project focuses on access to land for sustainable farming in Wales.

Shared Assets and LandWorkers' Alliance are leading our work on Community Access to Farms and Land. We will explore the barriers and opportunities for people interested in agroecological farming.

Welsh farmland is the most expensive in the UK, and smaller parcels of land often cost more. Reduced opportunity can also be a barrier as councils sell land to meet other budgetary pressures. Over the past 35 years, the number of tenants on council farmland has dropped by around two thirds.

However, land assets could be used to:

  • Meet net-zero climate targets
  • Improve people’s health and wellbeing - particularly important in the wake of Covid-19 
  • Give more people access to nature
  • Increase and widen community involvement in land management
  • Produce new opportunities for entrants into organic or agroecological agriculture enterprises
  • Nurture more sustainable, localised food systems

It's essential that we support entrants to agriculture and help them to develop sustainable practices. This will help address some of our biggest challenges - an ageing farming population, climate breakdown, biodiversity loss and soil erosion. 

Community Access to Farms and Land aims to:

  • Explore the opportunities for more community access to land owned by councils and other public bodies
  • Explore the opportunities for initiatives on privately owned land
  • Support communities or new entrants seeking access to land for agroecological farming
  • Support private landowners who are looking for their land to continue to be farmed in future
  • Create a picture of land holdings and opportunities for community involvement through farming projects
  • Bring together landowners and communities to make new farming initiatives a reality

Community Access to Farms and Land will:

  • Explore information about land ownership available online
  • Investigate current policy context for community access to land for agroecological growing initiatives 
  • Seek examples of existing community-led, land-based projects

Get involved

Are you seeking land for agroecological farming in Wales? Or perhaps you represent a national Welsh organisation, local authority, town or community council with land? If so, we'd love start a conversation with you!

The next stage of the project will bring together communities seeking land with organisations or landowners. We will support those making new farming initiatives a reality for the remainder of the project.

Case Studies

Click here for the Blaenau Gwent case study.

Click here for the Swansea Bay case study.


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About Resilient Green Spaces

Community Acces to Farms and Land is one of six strands of work in the Resilient Green Spaces project. See our Resilient Green Spaces overview to find out more. 

This project is funded through the Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Union.