What do I need to consider if I'm not a farmer?

If you're not a farmer you may need help with the practical aspects of farming. Perhaps you work in education, health or social care and are inspired by the positive effects of care farming. 

Land aquisition

The first thing to ask yourself is do I have a site I can use? 

Land aquisition can often be one of the first hurdles to overcome when trying to set up a care farm. It is a very broad subject and can differ from region to region depending on the policies of your Local Authority. 

You could try working with a local farm and seeing if they can help, or use our map to find a care farm near you. If you can't find what you're looking for please contact our regional support officer at rso@farmgarden.org.uk.

The Community Land Advisory Service (CLAS) is also a fantastic resource that aims to increase community access to land across the UK, particularly for green space activities. Through CLAS, you can find information on finding, buying, offering and leasing of land within your country of the UK.   

Farming skills

If you have a site but are struggling with how to go about growing vegetables or keeping animals, local farming organisations may be able to help. You could also try land based Further Education Colleges. Landex represents land based colleges and universites. 

Training and resources

Our Care Farming Code of Practice sets out the minimum standards that you should meet as a care farm.  

Become a member of Social Farms & Gardens as a prospective care farm. If you become a member you'll be able to access other resources that you might find useful, like the Starting a Care Farm checklist.

Take part in CEVAS training which is also recommended for people wanting to start in the care farming sector. 

Check out the Gov.UK website for general business start up advice and information on legal structures.

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Land acquisition can differ from region to region. Find out where you can go to get help with land aquisition. 

Can I make a decent living from care farming?

Income and finances are an important part of care farming but they are not the main motivation for becoming a care farmer. 

Is my farm still a care farm without any animals?

Care farms can be very different from each other and you don't have to have animals to be classed as a care farm. 

Is my farm already a care farm?

If you work with people with a defined need outdoors you may already be care farming. Find out what defines a care farm. 

Is there any funding for setting up a care farm?

Although there is no specific funding or setting up a care farm, find out how to access funds from different sources. 

What do I need to consider if I'm a farmer?

If you're a farmer interested in care farming there are a few questions to ask before you start.