Outside Lives Ltd.

Phone: 7887732555

Outside Lives is newly established not for profit social enterprise with the environment, community and sustainability at the heart of what we do.

We welcome people from all walks of life, providing opportunities to learn, contribute, participate and enjoy a variety of workshops, activities and events. We co-create opportunities for people to understand and interact with nature, use and value diversity, enabling people to adopt the principles it demonstrates into their own mindset and lives.

Whilst we explore different places across North Wales, our own beautiful site is situated within an area of outstanding natural beauty, nestled within the woodland, a wondrous hidden gem. We have 4 achers of land which includes and ancient woodland, wildflower meadow, 'wild zone', beginnings of a forest garden, established orchard, Victorian gardens, fruit and veg patch, paddock and barn.

Based on the principles of permaculture. Our values: Earth Care; We must protect the Earth & all living systems, which we are part of. People Care; Resilience is feasible when we focus on non material well being ; taking good care of ourselves & others. Future Care; Sustainable & resilient lifestyle critical for long term survival.

We provide opportunities for volunteering and will be mobilising the volunteer arm of our organsiation to begin work on the gardens at our site. We hope to develop the site sensitively (with advice from the North Wales Wildlife Trust who are based next door) to ensure that we adopt permaculture principles and promote biodiversity and care for the native species we have on site.

Facilities: Volunteering, Community space for hire, Picnic area, Wildlife area, Sustainable/Green building on site
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